Kick Harrogate

“Inclusive football coaching for life on and off the pitch”


The values we introduce through football are common to the ethos of most schools. They are all designed to promote confidence in the pupils and increase their self-esteem. Our sessions are accessible to all abilities and are designed to be fun! We are offering after school football for Coppice Valley pupils.


Syllabus for Kick Harrogate


Week Topic Message
1 Short Passing Teamwork
2 Ball Control Jesus is always with us
3 Dribbling We can live our lives with God
4 Long Passing God’s plan for us
5 Defending and support play Jesus’ friends
6 Shooting and match. Fun session I am with you always

We are searching for people to join our coaching team
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For more information email Matt Lunn
or call 01423 501 533